Alghabra - A Tribute To Art

Alghabra - A Tribute To Art

ALGHABRA PARFUMS is a tribute to the Old City of Damascus ’The City Of Jasmine’. A connection to authentic beauties of Old & Historical cities through the appreciation of art and an homage to the NOSE MOHAMMED KHAIR ALGHABRA, one of the first “Attars” in the Middle East Region.

ALGHABRA is an independent niche perfume brand, emerged from the heart of one of the oldest cities on Earth ‘OLD DAMASCUS’ in 1973 by Mohammed Khair Alghabra. Damascus was commonly known as “ash-Sham” in the Arab World and it has also a nickname as “The City Of Jasmine”.

The Brand pays a reverence by art to the authentic beauty and the warmth of the city.

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Alghabra Rejoice