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Our Core Values


Toplist, an authentic, family-owned, highline fragrance boutique, only sparked with an extraordinary story. Its founders, renowned in Chicago for their mastery knowledge within fragrances, operate and spread their knowledge with eighteen years of experience in the fragrance field. Prior to the foundation of Toplist itself, the assurance of quality is only matched with its honesty. With the focus on the importance of modern perfume, with the collaboration of love, diligence, and the focus towards a more beautiful aura being the main focus of Toplist, our mission is to continue delivering only the finest of fragrances to you. Toplist is becoming known for its driving motto in the heart of Downtown, Chicago, right on the Magnificent Mile,

"Let's Find Your Next Unique Scent."

And the story continues with you...


 As a trusted family-owned business in Chicago, Illinois, we believe in being 100% authentic. Authenticity and quality are most important to us, it is why we sell fragrances that come directly from the manufacturer, with approvals to sell products. Online experiences do not give the same experience of fragrances as you would be in person, we try to personalize to you with your unique scent. We do not believe in grey-market or counterfeit businesses, unlike other markets, which is why our prices match retail and manufacturer prices. This is why we stand with you. We focus on our time studying and personalizing the right fragrance for you, which is why we believe that fragrances are personal. As a scent can bring your first impression to one who encounters it, it is important that your setting and vibe are best accompanied by the right fragrance. 


 We believe that the fragrance world lacks unique qualities that are important to everyday life! It is why this website focuses on scents different from common wear. Modern perfume deserves to be unique, hence why our perfumers only focus their attention on what is different. Stand out! 



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