My Perfumes Select Nude Rose
My Perfumes Select Nude Rose

My Perfumes Select Nude Rose

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Rose is the embodiment of strength and fragility. It is here revealed by the voluptuous blend of incense, amber and musk. This fragrance is as delicate as petals sweeping over the skin. Rose is a timeless symbol of love, passion and romance. Romans linked roses to Venus, goddess of love.

"Experience the timeless beauty of roses with NUDE ROSE, a fragrance that blends the delicate essence of rose with the voluptuous notes of incense, amber, and musk. This is a fragrance that embodies strength and fragility, with a delicate touch that will sweep over your skin like petals. Rose is a timeless symbol of love, passion, and romance, and NUDE ROSE perfectly captures its essence in a modern and sophisticated way. With top notes of pink peppercorn Indian Ocean Orpur and middle notes of Rose Turkey Orpur, peony, and cedar wood, NUDE ROSE is a fragrance that is both delicate and complex. The base notes of Aligalawood®, Cosmone®, Maxalone®, amber, and musk provide depth and longevity, ensuring that this fragrance stays with you long after it's been applied. Whether you're looking for a fragrance to wear on a romantic evening or simply to add a touch of sophistication to your daily routine, NUDE ROSE is the perfect choice."


Top Notes:
Pink Peppercorn, Indian Ocean Orpur
Middle Notes:
Rose Turkey Orpur, Peony, Cedar Wood
Heart Notes:
Aligalawood®, Cosmone®, Maxalone®, Amber, Musk


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