Clive Chirstian Rock Rose

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Discovered along the Mediterranean shores and once a treasured secret of 18th century nobility, the complex and aromatic leathery Rock Rose intertwines with the vibrancy of bergamot and black pepper, igniting a fusion of lavender, violet, and clary sage that exudes warmth. At the opening, Tarocco Orange, celebrated for its profound sweetness, bursts forth with a zesty and invigorating allure. The heart of lavender is infused with violet and aromatic herbs, unearthing the resinous character of the Rock Rose flower, cherished by British nobility during the Queen Anne era. Radiating like precious gold, saffron, revered as the "King of Spices," imbues every note with a rich, spicy complexity, culminating in a fresh and versatile fragrance that captivates the senses. Indulge in this aromatic masterpiece with a complexity of 202 ingredients, a journey through history and nature's splendour.

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